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  1. General 

    1. How to login
    2. How to log out
    3. Urkund
    4. Web browsers that work best with WISEflow
    5. Notifications sent from WISEflow
  2. License Administrator 

    1. How to create users
    2. Why an excel sheet is not imported correctly
    3. Delete users from WISEflow
    4. Where to find general information about a license
    5. How to change the standard notifications sent from WISEflow
  3. Participant 

    1. Participant: General knowledge and tips for using Wiseflow
    2. How to convert a paper to PDF
    3. How to convert an Excel document to a PDF
    4. Error: Dynamic annotations are not supported in WISEflow for PDF uploads
    5. When the "Hand in"-button is inaccessible
  4. Manager 

    1. General guide to WISEflow for managers (VIDEO)
    2. Guidelines for registering final assessments (VIDEO)
    3. Guide for assigning assessors on a flow (VIDEO)
    4. A flow is not correctly synced with SIS
    5. Notifications and how to send an ad-hoc notification
  5. Assessor 

    1. General guide to WISEflow for assessors (VIDEO)
    2. Grading papers using the Grading Tool
    3. Download papers for offline assessment
    4. Assessing submissions
    5. Rubrics assessment
  6. Author 

    1. WISEflow Author introduction (Video)
    2. How to create and use an activity in a flow
    3. How to create a question
    4. Question types
    5. How to administrate and use the Content Bank
  7. Proctor 

    1. Find the flows where you are designated Proctor
    2. How to get started as a Proctor
  8. Release Notes 

    1. Version 2.11.0
    2. Version 2.10.0
    3. Version 2.9.0
    4. Version 2.8.0
    5. Version 2.7.0
  9. Operational Status 

    1. (Resolved) 2016-06-28: The Urkund Plagiarism reports are not available at this time
    2. 2016-06-08: Some Urkund reports are currently failed due to Urkund capacity issues
    3. (Resolved) 2016-06-06: Some activities cannot be published by the Author
    4. (Resolved) 2016-05-27: NemID has registered problems with NemLogin
    5. (Resolved) 2016-05-12: FLOWlock servers were unavailable between 13:20-13:30 CET
  10. Known Issues 

    1. 2017-05-01: Installation of the FLOWlock browser on Mac with an older version of FLOWlock
    2. 2016-08-15: The Author module will sometimes fail to delete questions in the question bank
    3. 2016-08-15: The Author module sometimes fails to export and import questions with tags
    4. (Resolved) 2016-06-09: Exports of assessments to SIS-DK fails when Term is May 2016
    5. 2016-06-02: Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 downloads and interprets WISEflow CSV-files as HTML-files
  11. All articles 

    1. General guide to WISEflow for assessors (VIDEO)
    2. How to create users
    3. How to login
    4. Version 1.2.0
    5. General guide to WISEflow for managers (VIDEO)
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