Version 2.7.0

Release Note (2.7.0)

A new and improved version of WISEflow has been released. We hope you will enjoy the new features!

New Assessor Page

We are redesigning the assessor page in accordance with the new design line of WISEflow. This slightly changes the practice for the assessors, so we suggest you read the new get started guide for the assessor carefully on the release date.

As you can see it draws very much on the structure of the participant page. You have the visual representation of the assessment period at the top and the flow details to your right. Below is the participant list; so things are at the same time much like they used to be.

As something new you can now also filter the participant list to only show participants you share with a certain co-assessor:

As you can see you can also see the contact details of each co-assessor in the same view. This makes it easy to get in contact for the votation.

In order to register grades you have to open the grading view:

We have moved the registering of grades to a separate view and at the same time opened up for the use of keyboard shortcuts while registering grades:

Please notice the keyboard shortcuts shown below each function:
Escape closes down the tool.
Enter saves the grade as temporary.
Ctrl + Enter registers the grade as final and compares it to any potential grades from co-assessors.
Arrows up and down can be used to switch between participants

The process when a grade has been registered as final has been visualised to make the process more transparent. We have removed the term "Personal grade" as this is replaced by always retaining the initial grade as grayed out to the left.

When the grade has been registered as final you can expect one of the following scenarios:

Awaiting co-assessor(s). Personal/temporary grade is grayed out.

Grade accepted as final.

Mismatch between assessors. Please register again.

As you can see in the pictures the tool will clearly show if you are awaiting your co-assessor(s), if there is a mismatch between grades or whether the grade has been registered as the final assessment with a more transparent visual representation.

The tool will now also display administrative grades for participants:

As you can see above the new grading view will also display administrative grades given to students by the manager, and at the same time make sure the assessor cannot register grades for and is no longer notified about students with an administrative grade.

We are also allowing the assessor to register administrative grades when this is allowed on the license:

As you can see in the screenshot above this will be available below the grade picker on flows when this has been enabled for the assessor. In order to enable this on your license the license administrator will have to contact UNIwise and decide exactly which of your already enabled administrative grades you want to allow the assessors to register.

You can still save a grade temporarily from the assessor tool as you are used to:

From here you can also go to the grading tool directly when you want to register grades as final.

Toolbox on the manager page

We are grouping a few of the tools available to the flow manager at the top of the participant list.

This hides away some of the more situational tools while leaving more attention to the core tools like adding participants.

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