Version 2.9.0

Release Note (2.9.0)

Dear License Administrators

This release brings a new module, some minor changes to WISEflow, and as always you are welcome to participate in the release webinars.
  • New module: FLOWoral Remote for remote examination with video link (Optional)
  • FLOWmulti: Questions can award a negative score
  • FLOWmulti assessor: Statistics showing all participants' answers (A, B, C, D)
  • "Get started guides": Now available in Norwegian
  • WISEflow available in new languages
  • New and updated version of the FLOWlock browser

Webinar - see the new features

In the first part of the webinar (in Danish) we quickly go through how WISEflow and "Get startet guides" is available in new languages. Moreover, we show you how you can award a question in FLOWmulti with a negative score. Also, that you as an assessor can get an overview of how the participants have answered the different questions and afterwards download the data in a CVS file. 

Take a look:

In the second part of the webinar (in Danish) we will review how the new module FLOWoral Remote works. Watch this small video to get a quick insight into the important features of the new module;

New Module - FLOWoral Remote (Optional)

We are happy to introduce tomorrow's remote oral examination module. Distance education is becoming more and more widespread, and the demand for this kind of education will only increase. FLOWoral Remote enables you to conduct oral examinations as usual in FLOWoral, while selecting specific students for remote examination:

A tick in the box "Video supported" means that this particular student or group will be allowed to do the oral examination remotely with a video link in the Assessor Tool for the internal and external assessors. All assessors involved will also be able to participate from different locations in these types of examinations. Thus, the setup can also be opposite with the student present on campus and the assessors from a distance.


On the participant page, a video link is available to the participant.

When "Video supported" has been selected for the examination, the button "Open examination room" will be available to the participant.

The assessor is in control

In the examination tool, the assessors are able to see the schedule of the oral examination, and the assessors control when participants are sent to preparation, when they are examined and when they receive their assessment:

Timer show elapsed time

A timer is always visible to help assessors and participants keep track of time. Assessors are always responsible for starting and ending the timer, meaning that they can always adapt if they are ahead or behind of schedule.

The participant is guided throughout the entire process. When the assessor decides that it is time for the examination to start, the participant will be called in and needs to accept the invitation to enter the examination room:

When the participant accepts the invitation, the examination starts:

This screenshot shows a simple examination with one assessor and one participant. The tool is also able to support larger examinations with several assessors or students at once.
Share screen functionality
During the examination, both assessors and participants can share their screen with each other:


The assessor and participant have access to a shared whiteboard which can be used during the examination:


Log and chat functionalities

Everyone has access to the log and chat functionalities during the examination. The log functionality helps logging the course of events and can be of help if in case of technical issues, e.g. if the participant has trouble enabling the microphone or making the webcam work:

The log displays all events with timestamps, e.g. when the participant joined the examination, left the examination or when errors have been logged by the system.

The example above shows the chat functionality which can come in handy in case of technical issues or when the participants want to share links or files with each other.

The Remote module is not included in the standard WISEflow solution and access has to be bought separately. For more information, please contact UNIwise on or call Sales at +45 31263901.

FLOWmulti: Negative score on Multiple Choice questions

At the moment, you can use the penalty function in the Question Editor, but the penalty function is not able to reduce the score beyond zero to a negative score. Many of our users have requested this feature, since it improves the penalty functionality in order to prevent students from guessing.

From the 9th of February, all newly created questions, and old questions saved again, will be able to result in a negative score, which will be deducted from the final result. Therefore, when using the penalty function in the future, you must consider how it affects your FLOWmulti scoring.

However, the new function will not affect any FLOWmulti activities published before the 9th of February, and it will not affect scores already calculated in any way.

FLOWmulti: New overview of participants' answers

We have added a new function to the overview of a Multiple Choice test. This shows the exact answers by all participants:

However, this will work only for question types of the simple type. The overview can of course be exported to a CSV file format like the other overviews.

Norwegian "Get started guides"

The "Get started guides" have been translated to Norwegian, and they will be available for download in the "Support" > "Get started guides" section for all WISEflow support.

WISEflow available in new languages

WISEflow is now available also in US English, UK English, Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk.

New and updated version of the FLOWlock browser

With the upcoming release 2.9.0 we have solved the problem with the FLOWlock browser, which requires that all participants update to the latest version. Information about the new update will be sent to the License Administrators in a separat e-mail. If you do not receive this email please contact the support.

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