How to administrate and use the Content Bank

The Content Bank has a lot of features to help you create, customise and share your questions.


1. Create a new question

Create a new question from scratch by pressing the "Add material"-button, opening the question editor or (from left to right) Import or Export question from or to a json-file.

2. Share a question

Share your question with either; the whole license (Share with everyone) or selected authors on the license (Search for author).

3. Preview and manage how the question is seen in the Content Bank

Press the  to preview a question as it will be seen by a participant in a test or press the "Toolbox" to edit the question title or tags (this can also be done by double clicking the title or tag column, by a question), hide the question from your Content bank table or delete the question.

4. Filter the Content bank table

You can filter the table of your Content bank, creating an easier overview.

5. Select all questions and handle more questions at once

Tick off the box to select all the visible questions in the Content bank table. You can also select individual questions by ticking off the boxes in the table.

When more that one question have been selected, you can do most actions of point 2 and 3 to several questions at once from the "Actions"-menu.

6. Overview of question creators

 symbolises that the question was created by you, otherwise replaced by the initials of the creator. Hover for details.

7. Edit your own questions or preview other user's questions

Edit the question via the pencil or add more questions to the page via the "+ Add"-button.

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