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Wiseflow offers a wide variety of question types. This includes multiple choice, equations, highlighting text or pictures or essay types. WISEflow offers 49 question types, some which are automatically evaluated and some which requires manual evaluation and. The settings available varies between the different question types, but the set-up and logic behind the various question types are the same (see How to create a question). 

This section will show some of the question types in WISEflow. For in-depth descriptions of the utility and settings of all available question types, please visit the Learnosity
Question Types page.

Multiple Choice
Auto scored. The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) allows students to select one or more correct answer(s) from a number of potential answers. There are various Layout customisation options in this question – block or inline, labelling, and columns.

Choice Matrix
Auto scored. The Choice Matrix requires students to evaluate one or more row items using a set of column options.

Cloze Text
Auto scored. In the Cloze Text question type, the student can type their responses into empty response boxes that have been inserted by the author into a passage of text.

Cloze Drag & Drop
Auto scored. In the Cloze Drag & Drop question, students drag their responses from a list of options set by the author, into empty response boxes.

Cloze Drop Down
Auto scored. The Cloze Drop Down question allows students to select the correct answer from a response box drop down menu situated in a passage of text.

Image Drag & Drop
Auto scored. In Image Drag and Drop questions students can select from a list of potential answers and drag them to the correct response box on the image.

Image Drop Down
Auto scored. In the Image Drop Down question type, students select their response from a response box drop down menu located somewhere on an image.

Label Image
Auto scored. This question allows students to enter text into response box labels positioned on an image. This is similar to the Image Drag & Drop and Image Dropdown questions, but students are required to type their own responses.

The Audio question type allows authors to implement audio recorders into a question. The embedded audio recorder can record, save and playback a students response. It is especially useful for language assessment. Audio questions are not auto scored.

The Multiple-Choice questions "Audio", "Audio - Block UI" and "Audio - Button UI" does not work in a FLOWmulti conducted in the FLOWlock-browser.

Essay (with text formatting)
Manual evaluation. With the Essay question, students can give long, detailed answers to questions (up to a maximum of 10,000 words).

Short Text
Manual evaluation. 
The Short Text question requires students to respond to questions with have short, definite answers, e.g. 1-2 words, or a number. 

Match List
Auto scored. The Match List question type requires students to pair associated items, using one static list and one dynamic list.

Sort List
Auto scored. The Sort List question type allows students to arrange items into their correct order by dragging the items from the Source area to the Target area. Students can drag, highlight, and move items between/within the lists using the arrows.

Order List
Auto scored. In the Order List question type, students organize a list of responses into a specified order. This question can be used to reorder words, paragraphs of text, or sentences within a paragraph.

Classification (classify - 1 row)
Auto scored. The Classification question allows students to categorise a list of possible responses, in the form of words or images, into a table.

Math Formula
Auto scored. The Math Formula question allows students to easily enter complex math as a response, with advanced validation capabilities using math specific scoring methods, in conjunction with the purpose built math engine.

Math Formula Essay
Manual evaluation. 
The Math Formula Essay question type allows students to input text and math formula within the same response, usually when a response needs further explanation. 

Math Formula Cloze
Auto scored. In the Math Formula Cloze question, the student enters a math response into one or more response boxes, set by the author. These response boxes can be placed on more than one line, as part of an equation or inline with text.

Math Formula Image
Auto scored. The Math Formula question allows students to easily enter complex math formula as a response on an image, with advanced validation capabilities using math specific scoring methods.

Auto scored. The Graph question type requires students to plot points, lines, and shapes on a coordinate grid.

Auto scored. The Chart question allows students to create or modify Bar Charts, Line Charts, Histograms, Dot Plots and Line Plots. Authors have the option to pre-populate the chart with as much, or as little, data as desired.

Number Line Drag & Drop
Auto scored. The Number Line Drag & Drop allows students to drag points or images onto a number line.

Number Line Plot
Auto scored. The Number Line Plot question type requires students to plot points on a line, or stack points above a line.

Image Highlight
Manual evaluation. This question allows students to draw on an image. Image Highlight can be used in a number of scenarios, such as highlighting part of an image.

Token Highlight
Auto scored. The Token Highlight question requires students to highlight certain words, sentences, or paragraphs by clicking on the text.

The Hotspot question type allows the author to upload an image and outline target regions (hotspots) within the image, for validation. Students will be able to click on the target region(s) to input a response.

Auto scored. The Shading question provides a visual representation of functions and calculations, including fractions and ratios. Authors are able to format a set of cells, which are shaded by the student as their response.

Chemistry Formula
The Chemistry Formula question allows students to input full or partial chemical formulas into empty response boxes.

Chemistry Formula Essay
This question type allows students to input both text and chemical formula, within the same response.

Chemistry Formula Cloze
The Cloze Chemistry question type allows students to enter chemical formulas into empty response boxes, which may form part of an equation, or appear in the middle of text.

Chemistry Formula Image
In the Chemistry Formula Image question type, students can input complex chemistry formulas on an image, using response boxes.

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