Version 2.11.0

Version 2.11.0 (Black willow) 

New features in FLOWseries

We have made some refinements and improvements in FLOWseries for this release.

Copying FLOWseries

When you copy a FLOWseries you now have the option of copying the dates and changing them as well.

Get a more detailed overview of your FLOWseries

As a administrator in WISEflow you can now get a more detailed overview of your FLOWseries. You can see the status of the flow and when the start and end dates are for participation.

Extensions to FS-integration

Sensor commissions
It is now possible to gather information about sensor commissions and the students related to the commissions from FS to WISEflow. When an administrator has synchronised a flow with FS the administrator can choose to use the commissions including the assigned students from FS instead of doing this manually in WISEflow. Be aware that this do not happen automatically but the administrator must manually click on the button in WISEflow to use the commissions. This is to ensure that the administrator is in control of the assignments (It is possible to adjust these assignments manually but if the flow once again are synchronised with FS the information from FS will overwrite the manual changes. The changes may always be made in FS first before applying it to WISEflow.

Extra time
If the student is registered 
in FS with extra time it will automatically be shown in WISEflow when the flow is synchronised with FS. Therefore, it is not necessary to manually add the extra time for a student in WISEflow. Please be aware that if the extra time is edited in WISEflow it is no longer possible to overwrite it from FS. 

Rooms will automatically be added in WISEflow when the flow is synchronised with FS. It is visible for the administrator which rooms the students are located in 
(not editable in WISEflow). The invigilator can also see the rooms and filter the overview on rooms in the FLOWmonitor. When opening a flow as students it is possible to see which room they are assigned to.

Improved license statistics layout

We have made a new layout for the license statistics. This gives you a good overview on how the statistics are on your license. Choose dates and see a specific overview for the license across different types of flows. You can find the license statistics under "License administrator" --> "License statistics" in the bottom of the page.

Please be aware that FLOWoral and FLOWattend are not a part of the statistics.

An addition to advanced settings for FLOWhandin and FLOWassign

It is now possible to set permission to hand in late in minutes, hours, and days. You can find this option under the "Advanced" when you create the flow. 

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