New support solution

WISEflow Support, Knowledge Base and Community

We have created a new way of communicating with our customers. We believe in maintaining an open and transparent communication with our customers which has resulted in a new support and ticket solution, Knowledge Base and Community. This also means that we all have to change some practices and be included in new ones. But one thing we can promise is that it will not get any more difficult or complicated. Instead, the support will become easier and more transparent. The support solution is built up around Zendesk.

We have spent the summer setting it all up, and we are now ready for you to become a part of it. Read the following to get an overview of the different services available from September 18th.

Support and Chat

Like earlier, you can send a request through a template, and it will no longer be possible to use from September 18th. You can now find all your tickets in one place, and the new support solution provides you with the following benefits:

  • An overview of all submitted tickets from you and your organisation

  • You can see the status of each ticket

  • You and your colleagues can cooperate on tickets

Furthermore, we have added a WISEflow chat where you can ask us questions, and this chat is the best place to get effective and timely answers to your questions. The chat is not supposed to be used for bug reporting. You will find the chat in the bottom right corner on pages where license administrators have access. We are looking forward to chatting with you!

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains all information about WISEflow (the documentation is only available through WISEflow). We have done our best to write step-by-step guidelines which can hopefully guide you as a new or more experienced user of WISEflow. The benefits of the new Knowledge Base:

  • Relevant guides and videos

  • Descriptions of functionalities in WISEflow

  • Learn about new things in WISEflow

As a license administrator, you also have access to incident reports, release notes and known issues in the Knowledge Base.

The WISEflow Community

We believe that the value of the new community is learning from what others are doing and building collective knowledge and best practices. In the community, you can get help from other users as well as help others yourself. Help us build a community where knowledge, experiences and tips are shared. Being a part of the community provides you with the following benefits:

  • Follow the topics that you are interested in to get notifications about new posts and comments

  • A forum to share your know-how and get new insights

  • Help from other license administrators

You will find a lot of helpful people in the community, but it is not a place to report bugs. In case you experience something unusual or unexpected in WISEflow, please contact our support team.

Please read the Community guidelines the first time you join and be ready to help strengthen the community.

Talk to you soon

The UNIwise team is always doing a valiant effort to respond to all questions, comments or feedback on this new system. Please do not hesitate to contact us on +45 25411010. 

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