2017-09-13: Exit the FLOWlock browser without invigilator password

This regards the newest version of the FLOWlock-browser for Macbook users.

We have become aware of an inappropriateness about the newest version of the FLOWlock browser.

When starting the FLOWlock-browser (the newest and required version installed from September 8) two panes will open in the top left corner. If a participant accidentally clicks the cross in one of the panes the FLOWlock-browser will close without using the invigilator password as usual. In this case the invigilator password is needed to start the FLOWlock browser again.

Please be aware of this when a FLOWlock-based exam is carried out. If you prefer to avoid this inappropriateness we recommend you to download a new version. The previous version is available again (still no need of flash installed) to download from WISEflow. To avoid the two panes please download the available version of the FLOWlock browser.

We are right now talking to Respondus about a solution for this inappropriateness. We will both mark this post with Resolved and send you an email when a solution is implemented.

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