How to convert a paper to PDF

The exam paper you upload to WISEflow must be a PDF file. This makes it impossible to change the content and formatting of the paper, which means that it will look the same as when you submitted it when your assessors open the file. The uploaded PDF file corresponds to the paper version that students have previously been asked to print out and hand in.

NOTE: You cannot convert a Word document to PDF just by changing the file name. Instead, you should follow the guidelines below. If you want to add digital material to supplement your exam paper (film, sound recordings, programmes, etc.), you should upload this material as “Appendix material.”

NOTE! Links in the PDF will not be shown in WISEflow. We recommend writing links in plain text (e.g. for references).

Further information


Microsoft Windows Vista and XP do not come with a PDF functionality and therefore the procedure for saving/printing your document as PDF differs depending on the version you have installed on your computer. Quite often, there will be a button labeled “Save as PDF,” but if this does not apply to your computer, you may find the solution in the guidelines for the most commonly used programs below.

Microsoft Office
  • Word 2010 or newer (PDF function is incorporated)
  • Word 2007 (requires a plug-in, which must be installed)
  • Word 2003 or older - unfortunately, PDF is not supported. We suggest one of the following alternative solutions.
OpenOffice is an office suite that has many of the same functions as Microsoft Office. OpenOffice allows you to export your document as PDF directly through the “File” tab, which means it is very easy to convert your document to a PDF version. Moreover, OpenOffice also allows you to open a Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx) and export it to PDF.

Open Office can be downloaded free of charge from

Alternative solutions
Recommended (PDF programme):
  • Nitro PDF - Download a free version, which allows you to convert your files to PDF.
Online conversion*:
  • Upload your Word document and have the PDF file sent to you via Upload your Word document and have the PDF file sent to you via email. (May take a while).
  •  - Upload your Word document and have it sent to you as a PDF file via email or a direct link (May take a while).
Google Docs*:
  • If you have a Google account, you can upload your Word document to and download it as a PDF file.

* This may change some of the formatting in your document (font, graphics and layout), which may be inconvenient. Always make sure to review your PDF file before submitting it.


If you are using Mac OS/X 10.4 or a more recent version, saving your document as a PDF is very easy. Select “Print” as if you were printing your paper, and in the print window select “Save as PDF” in the bottom left-hand corner. This converts your document into a PDF file, maintaining the layout and formatting.

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