How to login

Go through the institution subdomain:

Each institution has a subdomain on WISEflow, where the available login-methods are shown. Here is a list of the different subdomains:

Use WAYF, Kalmar2, UNI-login:


When you log in with Kalmar2 for the first time, you will be prompted to select which country and what service you want to use to login.
  • To use WAYF, click on Denmark on the map and choose WAYF.
  • To use Feide, click on Norway on the map and choose Feide.

If you select the wrong option

If you accidentally select the wrong country, your browser may save your choice, which means you will not be able to select the correct country next time you try to login. The browser can, in some cases, also have saved an incorrect preference if you've used other Feide/KALMAR2 services in the past.

To undo a wrong choice, you must delete relevant cookies. See the following link for instructions.'s-Cookies

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