Version 1.4.0

Published Thursday 2014-05-01 

New gradetypes, notifications and assessor upload

WISEflow has been updated to version 1.4.0 ( Espresso Macchiato ), which builds on the possibilities to tailor flows to one's specific needs and introduces the first posibility to tailor the institution's WISEflow license. 

It is now possible to allow the internal assessors, who are associated with a flow, to upload the thesis statement and any additional material to the participants. This can simplify the procedure, if the internal assessor set the task in the first place. The feature can be found under "Advanced Settings" and allows assessors to upload material until the flow starts for the participants.

In version 1.4.0, there are also a number of new types of assessments available to better match the different needs across borders and institutions. As a new feature, it is possible to define the types of assessment that should be available when creating new flows at each institution. The types of assessments  are as follows:
  • Pass / Fail
  • Danish 7-point grading scale
  • Norwegian 6-point scale
  • Icelandic scale (0-10 with half-steps)
  • Percentage scale (0-100 to two decimal places)
  • Approved / Rejected
  • Swedish Approved / Rejected with distinction
  • Swedish approved / Rejected with varying degrees of distinction
  • Standard ECTS scale (A-F)
The types of assessment which should be available on a license is are determined at the specific institution and configured by UNIwise in the license setup.

In addition to the above, there are a number of performance optimizations in version 1.4.0, which, among other things, thake the first steps toward an on-the-fly preparation of hand-ins to assessors, so they no longer can access them the morning after the submission at the earliest, but instead soon after they are delivered. This will be fully implemented from the next release. All assessors will also from now on be automatically notified when the assessing period begins.

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