Version 1.3.1

Published Tuesday 2014-04-08

Advanced settings on a flow

With version 1.3.1 WISEflow introduces a greater degree of flexibility in the execution of a flow, which can be controlled by the manager on each flow. A new tab has been added, caled 'Advanced', which allows for more specific options related to the submission proces.:
  • "No withdrawal of paper" can be checked of, if a participant's submission of a hand-in is binding and must not be withdrawn. The intended use of this function is for exams on campus using FLOWassign, to make sure that participants cannot pull hand-ins back after they have handed in and left the room.
  • "Permission to late hand-in" makes it possible for a participant to submit their hand-in for a specificed number of minutes the official end time of the flow. This makes it possible to soften the otherwise strict rule of the hand-in having to be uploaded before the deadline has passed. Participants can thus be informally allowed to upload and submit for a limited period after the actual time of submission.
In future versions of WISEflow, the advanced settings will be further developed so that the execution of the flow can be tailored to the exact needs. It will also also be possible to set default values ​​for the advanced settings on the individual institution license.

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