Version 1.3.0

Published Tuesday 2014-03-17

Two new modules in WISEflow

Version 1.3.0 offers two new modules that have been in high demand. One module is FLOWlock, which makes it possible to execute secure exams on campus with the students' own computers using a special FLOWlock browser. The module makes sure that the student does not have access anything else than the FLOWlock browser during the flow. It is however possible to access the assignment material and submit your hand-in the FLOWlock browser.

Flow Lock has been available on a few licenses in WISEflow for the past few months, but is now ready to be classified as an actual operating module. FLOWlock now runs in a performance optimized version and contains features that makes it possible for the institution to execute flows in FLOWlock, where both monitoring and correcting common problems along the way can be carried out by the institution itself. The features include:
  • Students can upload a locally encrypted copy to FLOWlock both during and up to four hours after the flow has ended. This makes it possible to update/submit the hand-in from FLOWlock even if the internet connection was lost.
  • Students can view the saved revisions during the exam in FLOWlock and recover a  Flow Lock and recover an old version of the paper. Thus there is no risk of losing sentences or paragraphs by accident.
  • Students can take pictures with their computer's webcam and add it as additional material to the flow. This allows for drawings , formulas etc. made on paper beside the computer to be added to the paper digitally while Flow Lock is running.
  • Administrators can monitor participants' activity and progress during the course of the flow from the built-in FLOWlock Monitor (This is initially a beta version, so minor errors and inaccuracies can occur).

The second module, which is now available in WISEflow is FLOWprovisional which makes it possible to use WISEflow as a tool in daily teaching. With FLOWprovisional, assessors get the ability to create and manage provisional flows for which they can also add themselves as assessors. This allows for instance a teacher to create a weekly exam/hand-in , add participants from the class/team, add himself as assessor judge and use the digitalized workflow from the release of an assignment, submission of papers , plagiarism check, online reading/commenting and direct feedback that WISEflow usually only offers in relation to exams.

In addition, WISEflow been optimized further, an Icelandic grading scale has been added and a dynamic count/display of new flows has been built in, which all in all makes WISEflow faster and more manageable.  

 See the full details on the updated version in WISEflows version history.  

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