Version 1.2.0

Published Friday 2013-08-30

UNIlogin and redesigned frontpages and emails

Starting with version 1.2.0 , it is possible to log on WISEflow with UniLogin. This eliminates the need for schools and colleges having to manually manage users, and instead just let users log in with their already well-known credentials for UniLogin.

An institution in WISEflow, who want to use UniLogin will have their institution number attached, which enables all their users to simply log on to WISEflow with their respective user roles. The License Administrator can assign users to WISEflow in advance by creating them with their UniLogin user name as an additional attribute. This also allows the license administrator to can assign examiners and the like to their WISEflow license, even if they are not formally associated with their institution.

The built-in official cover page that follows an exam paper has been redesigned and now follows the graphic expression of the platform more closely and utilizes the space on the cover page better.   The automatically broadcasted emails from the platform has also been redesigned and rewritten to present the content better and be more manageable and also adapts to mobile devices.   Version 1.2.0 also entails a wide range of security and performance enhancements that provide faster and easier access to the pages of WISEflow.

See the full details about the updated version in WISEflows version history.

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