Version 1.1.0

Published Tuesday 2013-05-14

Final assessments, NemLogin and now also in Norwegian

With version 1.1.0, WISEflow has been extended with a module for final assessments that allows the assessors to have the option to register and date the final assessment of the participants papers (if this is enabled in the setting up of the flow). This could help to get rid of printed grade protocols, which are sent around by mail, and must be entered manually afterwards. WISEflow verifies the entered data and makes them available for the flow administrator, who can then choose to release them to the participants when the assessment period is over.  

NemLogin has also been implemented to allow access to WISEflow without WAYF for public institutions. This makes it easier for examiners from other institutions to access WISEflow, although they do not necessarily know their WAYF credentials on their particular institution. It is possible to use NemLogin from the login page of all public institutions on WISEflow.  

In addition to numerous improvements and optimizations of WISEflow, version 1.1.0 also fulfills a requested feature, where the student IDs of participants get a more prominent location in the list of participants , if this is information is available. And last but not least, WISEflow is now available in Norwegian and it is also possible to choose a Norwegian grading scale.

See the full details about the updated version in WISEflows version history.    

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