Version 1.4.1

Published Tuesday 2014-06-03

Increased flexibility in the management of flows and notification about the ending of a assessment period

WISEflow version 1.4.1 gives administrators greater flexibility in the management of assessors on flows and the final ratings of the submitting participants' papers. This is part of the overall development of the administrator's privileges regarding more options for adjustments and thus greater responsibility.

One new feature is that final ratings can now be canceled again by the administrator if there´s been a mistake. The cancellation can be done on an individual level, after which the assessors have the opportunity to register a new assessment. Find a guide here:

The second new initiative is that accessors, who have been active in the assessment of a participant (who have read the answer in WISEflow Annotate or given an the assessment) may be removed as assessors again on that participant. The assessors activity will be deleted, but it will give the opportunity to redelegate assessors to participants even though the assessment has begun.

Additionally, there are some small administrative improvements included in 1.4.1 in terms of the possibility for an administrative withdrawal of a submitted FlowLock-paper and notification by email when the assessment period on a flow is over.

Version 1.4.1 also corrects some minor bugs in WISEflow Annotate and introduces an enhanced control of the user actions in WISEflow being stored correctly to lower the risk of losing work due to an unstable internet connection.

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