Version 1.5.0

FLOWcombine, improved FLOWlock and new integrationplatform

Version 1.5.0 (Espresso con Panna), which includes a series of fundamental improvements and an entirely new module is finally here!

FLOWcombine, the new module, is first and foremost an administrative tool, which makes it possible to combine multiple flows into one series and consequently administrate them as one exam. The participants on the first flow will automatically be transferred to the next flow in the series if they meet the minimum requirement. This means that you are now able to execute exams which consist of one or more subexams e.g. a written onsite exam (in FLOWlock) which you can only participate in if you have submitted a take home exam (FLOWassign) and gotten it approved. The module will be expanded as new flowtypes arrive (FLOWoral, FLOWmulti an so on). Read more about the module here.

An entirely new integration platform is also included in version 1.5.0, which simplifies and improves the way WISEflow integrates with external study administrative systems/student information system (SIS). This enables you to syncronize all variable settings on a flow with data from the institutions study administrative system. The new integrations platform also makes it possible for norwegian institutions, who uses "Felles Studentsystem (FS)", to integrate their version of FS into WISEflow directly, which enables them to create and sync flows with data from FS.

FLOWlock has also been updated with improvements, which makes the exam process even more secure. Apart from saving the essay continuously in WISEflow, it will now also be saved continuously locally in the FLOWlock-browser. This should reduce the risk of losing written material due to loss of internet connectivity or computer break downs, since the paper is also saved locally.

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