Notifications sent from WISEflow

Notification mails are currently sent out from WISEflow when the following incidents occur:

  • When a flow is activated (you are now enrolled to a flow)
  • Flow starts today
  • Flow ends tomorrow
  • The assessment period begins today
  • Notification if a final assessment has not been sent three days before the assessment period ends
  • If there are any mismatches between the final assessments sent in by two assessors
  • Flow starts in two days, but is not activated
  • Flow has ended for participants
  • Flow has ended for a participant with dispensation
  • The assessment period ends today

Notification center (Manager

The idea with the notification center is to give the managers and License admins a better overview of what is sent out regarding a specific flow and when. In the beginning it will appear as an overview on the specific flow, where it is possible to see what is sent, to whom and when. Later, it will be possible to edit the notifications which are sent out and also choose who the mails are sent to and when. 

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