Version 1.5.1

FLOWhandin, improved license overview and now also in Swedish

WISEflow version 1.5.1 introduces a new FLOWtype, called FLOWhandin, which fulfills a need to execute exams where the primary handin is not a standard text-document in pdf format. With FLOWhandin, it is possible for the participants to handin any number of files (spreadsheets, video, sound and so on), which are made accessible for the participants' assessors after the exam. The Manager has the possibility of setting up FLOWhandin flows with a maximum limit to the number of files which can be handed in and the possibility to define a specific amount of files to be handed in. Read more about FLOWhandin here.

FLOWhandin is a module which can be activated on each license. If you want access to the new module please contact Steffen at or +45 60 53 30 33. All current pilots have been assigned the FLOWhandin module for try out.

Version 1.5.1 also some small adjustments of the design, which improves the overview (especially for administrators) along with som adjustments of the underlying structure in WISEflow, which gives faster response/load times on data heavy pages. The License Admins can now choose to see a graphical overview of flowactivity for the next 2 weeks (see more here) and the limitation on email addresses has been changed, so it is possible for a user to have multiple affiliations (with multiple licenses).

As a final note, WISEflow can now also be enjoyed in Swedish.

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