How to create a question

Wiseflow questions

Wiseflow offers a question editor and sharing tool, through the Author-role via the Content bank (see Administrating and using your Content bank), which allows a wide range of different question types to fit the needs of an exam or test.

Access to the question editor

The question editor can be accessed either by adding new questions to an Activity or through the Content bank. From the Content bank you can (1) create a new page, opening the question editor, or (2) edit pages you have already created, adding new extra questions, tools or text sections to the page.

Question types

First, when you want to create a new question, you have to choose whether you want to create an interactive (FLOWmulti) or static (FLOWassign and FLOWhandin etc.). To enter the question editor, you must choose an interactive question.

Secondly, you have choose a relevant question type.

Wiseflow offers a wide variety of question types. This includes multiple choice, equations, highlighting text or pictures or essay types. For in-depth descriptions of the utility and settings of all available question types, visit the Learnosity Question Types page.

The Multiple-Choice questions "Audio", "Audio - Block UI" and "Audio - Button UI" does not work in a FLOWmulti conducted in the FLOWlock-browser.
The Multiple-Choice question "Upload image" can be unstable if images of a big file size are uploaded.
"Upload image" do not work in the FLOWlock-browser as this would require access to the hard drive.

Question Editor

The question editor varies with the chosen question type, but the overall overlay is the same. (1) To the left you'll find the basic settings for the question and (2) below you find the advanced options, allowing you to tweak the autovalidation system, feedback and advanced layout of the question. (3) To the right you find a fully interactable preview to test out the current settings of your question. To finalize your question, saving it to your Content bank, press Create question, in the top right corner.

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