Version 1.6.0

WISEflow Author

We are happy to announce the launch of WISEflow author, which is the first step in the anticipated support for advanced multiple choice exams. Over the next months, we will release multiple follow-ups, which will make WISEflow one of the strongest and most advanced exam tools, also for multiple choice. We hope you will think the same.

WISEflow Author

WISEflow version 1.6.0 introduces WISEflow Author, which is a part of a coming new FLOWtype, called FLOWmulti. WISEflow Author enables teachers and assessors to create tests combined of a number of questions. WISEflow Author supports more than 40 simple and advanced multiple choice question types.

WISEflow Author is the first of several releases supporting classic and advanced multiple choice exams and tests within WISEflow. Next month the module FLOWmulti follows, which is the new flow type to execute, score and grade the multiple choice tests for both participants and assessors.
Later WISEflow Author will be expanded through further releases supporting personal question banks, followed by institutional question banks, that makes sharing of questions and tests possible. Read more about WISEflow author here.
Here are some terms used in WISEflow Author that you should know before you begin using WISEflow Author. 


FLOWmulti has an ever-expanding portfolio of question types that can be easily created. A Question is generally comprised of a stimulus (the actual question), a response type and scoring criteria. 
There are also a range of other optional attributes which can also be added as per the author’s needs. Read about all the question types here.


An Activity is a group of Items which are presented to the student as a single assessment. The Activity Builder allows authors to easily pick Items for inclusion in the Activity and to set the individual Activity configurations. In a later release, an author will be able to publish (copy) an activity (i.e. a group of questions) to a pool, which administrators can access and pick from, when they create a new flow.

Bugfix for IE9/IE10 users of WISEflow Annotate

As a final note, we have fixed the reported bug in WISEflow Annotate, which showed grey bars or a black screen, where the paper should have been if you were viewing the page in IE10 or earlier.

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