Delete users from WISEflow

There are two ways that you can delete a user from the institutional license.

License administrator: Manage users
  1. In the License administrator section, click the button "Manage users".
  2. Download the excel list of all users on the license. Tick off "All users" and click "Download".
  3. Press CMD/CTRL-F (CMD/CTRL-B for Danish keyboard layout) to open the search bar. Search for the user(s) that you want to delete.
  4. Insert an "X" in the column "Delete" in the row of the user(s).

  5. Save the excel-file ( CMD/CTRL-S ) when you have done the necessary changes.
  6. Upload the changed Excel-file on the Wiseflow "Manage users" page. 
    Note: the downloaded file is only valid for upload for 24 hours and can only be uploadet once.
  7. Below, the system calculates the valid changes that have been done to the Excel-file. Click "Save changes" to commit the changes and delete the users.
Supporter: Edit user

If you have the Supporter section available, you can delete users by editing them individually.
  1. In the Supporter section > Search user, search for the specific user that you want to delete. Press
     to edit the user. If this button is not present, then your role does not grant you the right privileges to edit users.
    Note: The system is very sensitive to your search terms. The easiest way to find a specific user is to search for their email address, as this is much more likely to be unique and give you the correct search results.
  2. In the bottom-left side of the resulting page, press "Delete user".

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