Version 1.7.0

FLOWoral, Draw and some small improvements

Version 1.7.0 (Caffe Latte), which includes a series of fundamental improvements and an entirely new module, is finally here!

A new module: FLOWoral

FLOWoral enables the educational institution to have administrative support for oral exams, while still conducting them face-to-face between participant and assessor. The manager can setup oral exams like written exams, but now over several days, and with the ability to allot participants randomly, evenly or manually on these days. 

The assessor will be able to use the oral exam flow as an ordered list of participant for the exam, and can make notes as the student perform live at the exam and finally grade each student. The notes can of course be shared with the student afterwards. Additionally the assessor is given the possibility to mark missing students as “no show”.

FLOWoral is an add-on module to your WISEflow license, which can be purchased and added to your institutional license. As always, we offer our pilot-institutions a free try-out of the new module if wished. Please contact the WISEflow team if you want the new modules enabled. Read more about the module here.

A new feature: Draw

Draw is a feature that gives the manager the option of setting up an exam with multiple exam questions or assignments, from which there will be made a draw before being handed out to the participant. The manager can set the number of questions or assignments forming the draw, upload the questions and assignments herself, or allow for the teacher/assessor to do so. Draw can be made either randomly, distributive or manually.

The module Draw additionally makes it possible for students to handin questions, assignments or case files from which the draw will be made. The picked question or file will then function as the assignment for the following exam. Draw is free for all existing and future customers and will be added to your license, when it is available. Read more about the feature here.

Other improvements

Other improvements include minor frontend adjustments, bugfixes and performance upgrades. Some of these include making it more visible, who Additional content (function for Managers) will be handed out to.

There are also changes in functionality for License Admins. Phone numbers can now contain more than just digits when editing users and Excel import of users now also supports users without organisation ID.

Contact support (for License admins)

UNIwise provides License admins with a dedicated 2nd-line support for questions regarding WISEflow. Please use or +45 25411010 (strictly for License admins). You can also refer to the support articles and videos at

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