Version 1.8.0

FLOWmulti and Censor IT integration

We are happy to announce the arrival of WISEflow version 1.8.0, which includes FLOWmulti and an integration to Censor-IT.

A new module: FLOWmulti

FLOWmulti is the second step (of three) in implementing the full suite of conducting multiple choices and advanced questions with WISEflow. FLOWmulti enables the institution to actually run and execute the multiple-choice exams and tests they have build using the WISEflow Author module.

The FLOWmulti is set up like any other flow, but instead of uploading the exam assignment, the manager (or the internal assessor/teacher) now can select or search for the multiple-choice activity that needs to be delivered. The FLOWmulti is conducted using the FLOWlock browser, so they are executed in a secured environment. We are working on making FLOWmulti available outside of the FLOWlock browser.

When participants have finished the multiple-choice exam, they get a receipt. Per default, they don’t get to see neither the questions nor their answers afterwards.
The assessors will see the FLOWmulti exams as any other exams. However, in their participant list they will see each participants score, and have access to open up the multiple-choice test and answers for each individual participant. And of course the assessor can provide a grade and personal feedback for each participant.
FLOWmulti is an add-on module to your WISEflow license, which can be purchased and added to your institutional license. As always, we offer our pilot-institutions a free try-out of the new module if wished. Please contact the WISEflow team if you want the new modules enabled.
The last major release in connection to multiple-choice test and exams, will be adding question banks and personal pools, as well as more advanced settings. Read more about FLOWmulti here.

An integration to Censor-IT

Lastly, for our Danish costumers I am also happy to announce our first step in the integration with Censor-IT. By this managers (at institutions with affiliation with Censor-IT) will be able to create exam flows on the basis of an exam code from Censor-IT. The exam flow in WISEflow will then be based on information accessible in Censor-IT. Usually this is exam date, place and assessors.
If you already have integration with other data sources (i.e. Student Information System), which provide the basic exam information, you can instead use the merge flow option in order to likewise have data from Censor-IT informing your exam flow in WISEflow.

Small changes and improvements

We have added the frontpage information fields: Advisor name, Subtitle and English subtitle to the dropdown list on the pane "Frontpage information", which is accessible when you create a flow.

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