Version 1.8.1

Statistics module and a few minor upgrades

We're happy to announce the arrival of the Statistics module in WISEflow, plus a few minor upgrades – most in regards to the license administrator.

A new module: The Statistics module

The Statistic module enables the license administrator to see statistics on one or more flows, and also compare data on two or more flows. The license administrator can see distribution of grades, no shows, number of registered participants, number of participants handing in etc. The data is shown in colorful charts, but can also be exported to excel. The statistics can be found under the License overview pane for all license administrators. Read more about the Statistics module here.

Minor changes for the license administrator

WISEflow 1.8.1 modifies the overview for the license administrator – making it possible to see which modules are available and which are enabled on the license, as well as specifics about the license and renewal date ie. The general information about the license can be found under the License overview pane for all license administrators.

Minor feature updates

Finally the release also brings a feature for managers to review multiple-choice tests handed in by participants. The manager can now use the same button in the list of participants as the assessor to review each participant's answers:

Additionally we have added the title “I confirm that this paper has been handed in to library service”, to the list of front page elements.

We have a little present for you, Merry Christmas!

The Statistic module and these enhancements will be available to all WISEflow licenses. Ho ho ho – It’s our Christmas present to all of you – from all of us here at UNIwise. Merry Christmas!

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