Version 1.9.0

Message center, new and improved FLOWmulti, export of grade distribution to Censor-IT and other minor modifications.

After a small postponement we are happy to introduce WISEflow version 1.9.0 (Caffé Medici), and what a release! The new version includes the brand new message center for the manager and license administrator, the question pool and tagging of questions for FLOWmulti, export of the final grade distribution for flows associated with Censor-IT and other minor modifications.

Delayed: Ephorus-module

The Ephorus plagiarism detection will not be available with the launch of v. 1.9.0 as planned. This means that the University Colleges are without a plagiarism detection system as of today. We will inform you about this matter as soon as possible.

New feature: Message center for the FLOW manager

The message center is an administrative tool, which makes it possible for the administrators to have an overview of all notifications sent out to the users associated with the flow, when they are sent, and what they contain. It is also possible to write a new notification and send it to all participants and/or assessors on the flow.

N.B: The message center will only be fully operational on new flows and onwards. 

It is also possible for the license administrators to edit the contents of the default notifications that are being sent out by WISEflow. This makes it possible to tailor the notifications to fit individual institution's needs.

New feature: Deselect FLOWlock browser for FLOWmulti

The FLOWmulti update contains the option to deselect FLOWlock as the browser used in the FLOWmulti. Deselecting FLOWlock will make the FLOWmulti run in the regular browser instead. This does not provide the same security as when using the FLOWlock browser but it will make it possible to run tests where different aids or access to the internet is allowed, and it also makes it possible to run Multiple Choice tests without the FLOWlock browser installed.

FLOWmulti: Question bank and tagging questions

Questions will now be created in a question bank, instead of directly on the activity, in order for you to easily reuse the questions across all of your activities. When creating new questions you will be able to tag the questions. A tag is a small string of text that can be used to group questions together and make it easier to search your question bank for a specific tag. For example it could be interesting to group your questions in categories like subject, difficulty or something else, and in this way make it easy to find them again when you need them.

FLOWmulti: A basic monitor is available

The managers of FLOWmulti will now have a basic monitor available in order to monitor the basic progression of the participants. It will show a status for each participant and which question they are currently answering.

Censor-IT: export of assessment distribution

As the manager of a flow associated with Censor-IT you will now have the option to export the final grade distribution. It is done by pressing "Export to Censor-IT" on the flow.

Minor modifications:

Auto focus on the search field in the manager's flow overview makes it faster to search
FLOWoral: Assigned periods is now shown on the exam page.
Improved overview of the hand-in state on a flow, where there are uploaded files that have not yet been handed in.


The norwegian and swedish translation of WISEflow is still being processed while we launch this release. Therefore, some translations will be shown in english instead until we have finalized the translation.

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