Notifications and how to send an ad-hoc notification

As the manager of a flow you have access to the flows notification center. The notification center is an overview of the different notifications that have already been sent out and notifications that are scheduled for a later point in time. Furthermore, the notification center gives the manager the opportunity to see what is contained in these notifications.

As the manager you can also send out an ad-hoc notification to everyone associated with the flow or specifically for either the group of participants, assessors or managers. The license admin of your institution also has the opportunity to alter the contents of all standard notifications being sent out.

Where to find the notification center

The notification center is found in the upper right corner of your flow, where you usually activate your flow.

How to understand the notification center

The notification center is a timeline with its beginning at the top and with the dates for participant start, assessing start, assessing end etc. consecutively downward. The notifications on the left are messages that have already been sent out; notifications on the right are messages that have been scheduled, but where the flow is not yet in the state where the notification is sent. The red dot indicates what state the flow is in right now. The flow shown above has just entered the assessing start-state, but has still not reached the state where a notification of missing assessments are being sent out.

Notifications that have already been sent out show whether there were any recipients to the notification when the message was sent out. To ensure that users receive all notifications related to the flow, control that all participants, assessors etc. are correctly added and assigned before activating the flow.

You can see what the notification will look like to the recipients by pressing the gray slider in the right corner of the notification. Here you will also see other information about when it is sent out, a description of what "triggers" it and the subject field and contents.

How to send an ad-hoc notification

Click "compose notification."

You can insert ordinary text and dynamic fields in your notification. Dynamic fields are automatically converted to the names, titles, dates and times and so on, of the flow in question. Below this you can mark the groups you want the notification to be sent to. The blue color indicates a chosen group of recipients. Below recipients you can specify the "subject" of your ad-hoc notification. The notification is sent immediately, when you press "Send notification".

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