Version 1.9.1

New and enhanced server setup, export users, test your compliance as user and hand in blank submission

At last - the new version of WISEflow based on a new and improved server architecture - is here. For more than 5 months we have worked on this new setup. This means a much more agile server setup with greater dynamic scalability, that can adapt to growing demands now and in the future. With the new setup we are able to respond to heavier load, increasing number of users as well as maintaining great stability. 

We are also introducing a range of improvements and minor modifications.

Export users on your license (License admin)

As the license admin you are now able to export a complete list of all users on your license. This makes it easier to gain an overview of users and their roles in order to perform a security check of users, search for fields with missing information or to simply have an overview of managers and license admins. The feature is found in your License admin pane, in the pane "License overview". In the bottom next to "License notifications".

The list will be downloaded in a spreadsheet format (.xlsx).

Test your compliance as user

The pane "FLOWlock-browser" in the user profile has been renamed "System requirements". In addition to containing information about the FLOWlock-browser it now also encompasses your system compliance in relation to both the regular use of the WISEflow platform and the use of the FLOWlock-browser. The user is now presented with an overview of their system and whether this is compliant with WISEflow.

This makes it easier to check your own system prior to participating in a flow.

Hand in blank submission (Participant)

As a participant enrolled to a flow you are now able to choose "Hand in blank". Prior the participant had to hand in a blank document which could cause confusion with the assessor and managers. In the picture below you will also notice the improved visualization of the hand-in process with a 1-2-3-step marking of the process of uploading your material, adding the front page information and finally handing in.

When a paper has been handed in blank it will be marked with the new "Handed in blank" icon in the pane "participant details". It will also be visible to the assessor so they are not wasting time assessing a blank submission.

Maximum score on activity

As the author of an activity you can now see the maximum score of your activity on the overview.

Improved log-in module

You may have noticed the new log in screen, where you can choose from the different authentification options. You can now choose to go directly to Feide which is especially important for the Norwegian users of WISEflow. It is also possible to search for your institution in the bottom. This is especially relevant to external assessors as it clearly states the options they have for logging in to the said institution, and it partly substitutes the prior use of the institution subdomain when using Nem-Login.

New print option (Assessor)

As assessor you are now able to print the summary from WISEflow Annotate. This has been requested by the users of Annotate and makes it possible to print your own and/or co-assessor's comments and feedback to be used in the case of an oral examination or oral feedback.

Better flow overview (Manager)

The flow overview now remembers your sorting, number of visible flows and current page shown while you are managing your own flows. This makes it easier to have an overview of your active flows and will save you a lot of "clicks" as the manager. This has been requested by our users and has now been implemented.

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