Version 1.9.2

FLOWlock fallback mechanism, improved PDF-check, both first- and last name is now sortable in participant list and warning when altering active flows.

FLOWmulti Fallback mechanism (participant)

It has been requested several times, and now it is finally here. The option to back up FLOWmulti directly from a locally saved copy, or handing in your FLOWmulti assignment directly from a local copy - just as it is possible with FLOWlock. This will, without a doubt, result in much easier problem solving in case of lost internet connection.

This follows some of the general improvements we have made to enhance the stability of FLOWmulti. We have extended the session duration as some participants experienced a false lost internet connection message after a set amount of time. The general API of FLOWmulti has been updated which will result in a smoother start up. The participation password field has been converted to a "password-field" which will hide the input for both FLOWlock and FLOWmulti. This is done to ensure that participants will not see the proctor password if the proctor accidentally types in the participation password field.

Enhanced check for correct PDFs on upload

We have improved the check that is run on uploaded PDF's. WISEflow will now reject PDF's that are password-protected, contain dynamic annotations or in other ways are invalid for further assessment in WISEflow.

Manager and assessor can now sort participants by first- and last name

When managers are cross-referring between WISEflow and other administrative systems it can often be helpful to be able to sort the participant list by their last name. First name and last name is now displayed in two columns instead of one so they can be sorted accordingly.


Altering participant start date or the assignment close to deadline gives a warning

When altering the participant start date or the assignment to be handed out in situations where the flow has already started, or there is less than one hour to participant start, you will receive a service message informing you that the participants will have to refresh the flow for the changes to be shown. 

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