Version 1.9.3

WISEflow version 1.9.3
New assessor distribution tool, FLOWoral messages, Export-center, Administrative grades, new grade scale, save activity questions to your question bank and improved assessor information for the manager

Version 1.9.3 is the last release of WISEflow before we start introducing the transition to WISEflow 2.0. This release is no small one though! We are introducing a range of much wanted improvements with this release.

New and improved assessor distribution tool

We have introduced a new and improved assessor distribution tool. The old assessor distribution tool had its limitations when it came to flows with a very large amount of assessors and participants, which this new assessor distribution tool is meant to address. The limit of 20 assessors has been removed, and now you can practically add all the assessors you'd like. Just be sure you don't lose your overview!

The new assessor distribution tool also introduce some new features which will ease the work of the managers. By holding down the "a" key while hovering the participants you can quickly distribute them between the assessors. You can also filter the list of participants and choose to quickly distribute all filtered participants to a certain assessor.

FLOWoral Messages reintroduced

Oral exams require some very different notifications from a written assignment. The new notifications center on FLOWoral introduces notifications specifically tailored for the oral exams, and it is one of the first steps in our effort to redesign FLOWoral, and make FLOWoral fit the general needs of our customers.

Export center

As we are introducing integration with more administrative systems we think it is necessary to create a new view where we can visualize and manage the exporting of grades. It is also an improvement of the old assessment list, as the manager now has the option to sort the different columns differently and filter out unwanted columns. You will find the export center where the assessment list used to be.

Through the export center it is now also possible to export grades back to STADS - for customers using this Student Record System.

Institution specific administrative grades

When implemented on your institution license it is possible for the manager of the flow to register a custom administrative grade on a participant. This can be "used exam trial", "absent" or the like. They are custom for each institution which means you have to contact us via the usual channels and specify exactly which administrative grades you want for your institution.

We would like to receive your list of administrative grades before the release of WISEflow 2.0 the 16th of September should you want this feature implemented.

A new grade scale

A new grade scale has been implemented in order to accommodate our British users. It follows the scale of F, E-, E, E+, D-, D, D+, C-, C, C+, B-, B, B+, A-, A, A+ and A*.

Save your questions from activities to your question bank

You can now save questions made directly on your activity to your personal question bank. This makes it possible to reuse and save old questions made before the introduction of the question bank, and it makes it possible to save questions that were initially created for an activity in retrospect. You find the option by clicking on the options for the specific question in the Activity Editor.

Improved assessor information for the manager

As of now, the manager can see if all assessors have finished their assessment or not. We are now providing the manager the much needed information on which specific assessor has already finished their assessment and which assessor has not. We hope this eases the work of exam managers. The information is found in the assessment pane, where the manager used to monitor whether the assessors have registered assessment or not.

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