Assessing submissions

The participant's assignments can be opened, assessed and graded directly from WISEflow using WISEflow Assessor Tool. 

On the front page of the flow, click "Open assessor tool" to begin.

This will present you with the following screen, where you can view and assess the submission as well as giving grades and comments. We recommend reading the Get Started Guide on assessment.

Here is a quick overview of the functions of WISEflow Annotate:
1. Close down the assessor tool
2. Show an overview of the submission
3. Toolbox: Insert highlight of text, annotation or draw in the submission
4. Flow name - Add a general comment for the entire set of submissions, switch between participants and use the point-based assessment tool.
5. Current participant - Preview the cover sheet, set personal assessment, summarize annotations, add generel comments to the participant, co-assessors or privately, register final assessment
6. Total number of points given to the participant
7. Open plagiarism report
8. Open additional material added by the participant
9. Open an overview of your annotations
10. Search in the submission
11. Export

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