Version 2.2.0

WISEflow v. 2.2.0

WISEflow v. 2.2.0 has been released this Thursday evening. This version introduces an update and improvement for group exams, an updated overview of a flow for the participant, the possibility for the
assessor to assess flows across multiple licenses, a new flow monitor for FLOWassign, FLOWhandin and FLOWmulti and the beta release of our new FLOWoral Remote for remote video examinations. As of now the new FLOWoral Remote is being beta tested by Høgskolen i Telemark, Norway, and will therefore not be available to other institutions at this point.

New Participant Group Function

We are releasing a new and improved user interface for the creation and administration of groups between the participants. The group function is no longer a part of the front page information for the student, and is instead handled in a different section of the participant's flow overview. 

When the manager chooses to allow groups on the flow it is now a checkbox in the basic flow settings under the headline "Details" right below the assessment type:

If you choose "Joint paper" the group will be able to submit one collected paper on behalf of the entire group. This improves the plagiarism control and makes it possible to do a collected feedback in Annotate for the entire group.

New FLOW overview for the participant

In connection to the new group function it was also an opportunity to update the flow overview for the participant. We have kept the three-step hand-in procedure, but it has a complete new feel and design. Take a look:    


Cross license assessor login

For assessors who are affiliated with several different institutions at the same time it will now be possible to see and access all assigned flows. We are connecting the assessor pane of all users associated with the same personal security number (CPR or Fødselsnummer for example) and display the different institutions with allocated flows. This will ease the hassle with login at different licenses. 

Flow monitor for FLOWassign, FLOWhandin and FLOWmulti

A brand new monitor will be available on FLOWassign and FLOWhandin and will also replace the old monitor on FLOWmulti. The manager on a flow will now be able to retrieve full log data on the participants of the flow and thereby easily clarify the progress of each participant. The manager will for example be able to see if the paper has been withdrawn. The monitor can be found atop the participant list right next to "Export assessments":


FLOWoral Remote (Beta)

Høgskolen i Telemark, Norway, will be testing our new FLOWoral Remote module which lets you conduct remote video examinations. The module will be offered to all other WISEflow institutions at a later point. 

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