Version 2.4.0

Release Note (2.4.0 Larch)

FLOWoral Redesign and new features

In relation to our redesign of WISEflow as announced with WISEflow v. 2.0, we are now redesigning FLOWoral.

This is the new standard FLOWoral.

In the picture above you can see how it is now possible for the assessor on a FLOWoral to manage the scheduling of participants ad-hoc during the examination.

You can read our updated guide on how to use FLOWoral as the manager in danish or english.

Optional: FLOWoral examination time planning module 

In addition to the new FLOWoral module that all users get, you have the option of ordering a new FLOWoral examination time planning module. With this new module the manager of a FLOWoral can create a detailed time schedule for the oral examinations. You can define preparation length, examination length, voting length and even schedule breaks in between participants. This feature completely eliminates the need for creating and maintaining a detailed time schedule in an external system.

Here you can see how the detailed time planning module calculates the different times for each participant. You can also insert custom values for a specific participant with dispensation and the time plan is updated automatically.

Just like the manager the assessor also has some advanced features when they have to make changes ad-hoc.

You can read our new guide on how to use the FLOWoral Time Planning module in danish or english.

New login possibility that provides temporary access via link

In some cases it is useful to invite people to participate in WISEflow activities without the need to log in through for example EduGain, Feide or NemLogin. This will provide them with temporary access directly through a WISEflow link. This has been developed with some new roles in mind; external exam reviewers, proctors or external assessors from abroad. This has to be activated on your license as it requires some specific instructions. We will inform you when and how it is possible to request this feature.

When it is activated the feature is found directly on the user profiles. You can read our guide for this feature in danish or english.

Assessor: Possibility to score questions in FLOWmulti

We are currently in the process of improving the scoring options for our Multiple Choice assessors. We have developed a feature which makes it possible for the assessor to grant additional points for each individual response in the Multiple Choice activity. This makes the tool more flexible as you can combine the automated scoring in FLOWmulti with a manual reviewing, and also makes it possible to score essay-type questions or other question types where automatic validation is not an option as it is today.

Notice the collected score at the top and also how the particular question has been granted 7 extra points. Read our updated guide on how the assessor can read and assess Multiple Choice activities in danish or english.

Assessor: Improved stats and overview of activities and participants in general in FLOWmulti

The FLOWmulti assessor will also be able to see some very detailed statistics on how the individual participant scored compared to all participants. It is also possible to see a summary of the participant's response; how many points were awarded by the automated scoring system and how many points were awarded by the assessor, represented in different ways to give a better overview.

Above you see a detailed list of participants with automatic score, customised score (added points) and final score.

You can also see a detailed walkthrough of each question and how the participants answered to easily identify difficult questions for example.

Above you see a Box Plot for each question which can give you a better overview of the spread on a question.

Assessor: Possibility to grant points on annotations in the assessor tool on FLOWassign

It is also possible to score individual annotations in the assessor tool in general - not only in FLOWmulti. This is the first step of introducing rubrics as a mechanism for assessing and scoring student's work. More features in regards to more formal developing and using rubrics in assessment will be introduced during 2016. 

We have made a guide on how we see this new tool as the first step towards using Rubrics in assessments in WISEflow in danish or english.

Assessor: Distribute participants between grades based on score

When you use scoring in the assessment tool on either a FLOWassign or a FLOWmulti you will be able to convert the score to a grade. You can fine-tune the grade distribution or you can rely on the algorithm which distributes automatically.

We have made a detailed guide on how the grade distribution tool works in general in danish and english.

Assessor: "Tentative assessment" changed to "Personal Assessment"


We are renaming the 'tentative assessment' to 'personal assessment'. The change will be effectuated in every language.

Author: Rule based addition of questions from question bank to activity

As the author you can create an activity and add questions from your question bank based on a specific tag. With this you can create an activity that draws on a number of random questions from a pool.

You find the new function where you add questions to your activity from the question bank. We have written a guide on how to use this function in danish and english.

Participant: Integrated FLOWlock browser guide on locked down flows

The participant on a FLOWlock or a FLOWmulti with FLOWlock-browser now has the option to go through a dialog which will guide them to download the newest FLOWlock-browser and an active check of system compatibility.

When the FLOWlock participant clicks on "Test browser" it will launch the FLOWlock-browser and make a check for browser- OS- and Flash-compatibility.

Participant: FLOWlock papers now have page headers and page number

FLOWlock papers are now generated with a page header containing the title and participant ID and page footers with page number. 

Here you can see the participant ID is placed in the page header and page number is shown on all pages.

Participant: Button to create a single person group 

When a group form has been added to a flow the participants will have the option to either form a group or create and join a 'single person group'.

The function simply creates a group and names it "One-person group". You can read our updated guide on how to form a group in danish or english.

Participant: Notification if flow participants are anonymized for assessors

When you participate in a flow where you are anonymous it will notify you about this when you hand in.

As you can see in the screenshot above it also reminds you to anonymize your assignment.

Manager: Assessor per participant is now shown in assessor distribution table

We have experienced that for flows with many assessors and participants it was difficult to locate the specific participants who were not yet assigned an assessor.

We have implemented a column in the tool for distributing assessors which sums up the amount of assessors assigned to each participant.

Manager: Possibilty to list cover sheet data from participants

It is now possible to have an overview of the submitted cover sheet data as the manager of a flow.

Here you can see where you find the functionality.

Here you can have an overview and filter the submitted cover sheet data. You can also export this data to a file in the menu to the right.

You can read our guide on this feature in danish or english.

Manager: Reactivate archived flow

We introduce the feature to reactivate an archived flow.

The feature can be found in the menu on an archived flow.

General: The term "Front Page" has been renamed to "Cover sheet"

We are renaming 'front page' to 'cover sheet', as it is more in line with the updates and development we will introduce to the feature in the future. The change will be effectuated in every language.

General: Extended Zip-functionality

We are introducing the option to add the cover sheet as the first page of the assignment when the assignments are downloaded as a zip-archive. Furthermore, you can choose if the zip-archive should be structured with folders for each participant or simply contain all assignments in the same folder for easier printing.

This is especially useful for assessors who want to print the assignment. Read our updated guide on how to download and print assignments in danish or english.

Bug fix: Assessors received notification on grades that were administratively set

When a participant has been given an administrative grade by the manager of the flow the assessors will no longer receive a reminding notification regarding this particular participant.

License admin: danish users can now be added with a fictitious national id

This is useful when managing students or assessors from abroad.

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