How to create and use an activity in a flow

What is an activity?

Essentially, an activity is a collection of pages and is used to create a FLOWmulti test or exam. Each page can contain one or more questions, tools or text sections and the test score for a page consists of the accumulated score of all the questions on that page.

You can access your activities through the activity bank, accessed from the front page (Overview) of the Author-role. From this overview you can view and edit the details of all your activities.

Creating a new activity

To create a new activity, click the Create new activity-button in the activity bank.


Enter the title and description of the activity and decide if it should be interactive (FLOWmulti only) or static. Press "Create".

The new activity is now listed in your activity bank where you can edit it by pressing the pencil-icon on the right of the activity. You can add pages to the activity by pressing the + Add-button in the Activity Editor and choosing whether to create a new question or draw one from the Content bank (see How to create a question (Question types) and Administrating and using the Content bank)

You can add more questions, text sections or tools to the page through the -button and edit the page title through the tool box to the right of it (or double clicking the title).

To preview individual questions, pages or the whole activity, showing you how they will be presented to the participant, press the eye-buttons.

Publishing your activity

When the activity is fully edited to your liking, with pages, questions etc., you must click Create public version before you or anybody else can use the activity in a flow.

Publishing an activity leads you to the Published activities page. From here you can find (1) the reference code that allows you to add the question to a flow and (2) choose whether to keep the published activity private, share with some or the whole license.

Adding an activity to a flow

As a manager you can add the activity to a FLOWmulti, by going to "To be handed out" and clicking "Associate activity". Here you add the reference code found in the Published activities.

As an Author, if you are associated to a flow, you add an activity to a flow through the OverviewActive flows.


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