Find the flows where you are designated Proctor

When you are given the role 'Proctor' and designated on a flow the pane will be visible to you in the top bar:

Here you can find a list of active flows that start today, and a list of any future flows where you are designated proctor.
Each active flow show these information:
  1. When the flow starts
  2. When the flow ends
  3. Password for participation
  4. Secret proctor password
  5. Access to the FLOW monitor
  6. Assignment
  7. Your proctor role (Head or standard proctor)

Showing the passwords

Proctors can see passwords for participation and proctor password for each active flow. By clicking the "eye" you can do two things: The participation password will be shown on a big scale perfectly suited for displaying on a big screen for participants. The proctor password is hidden but can be shown only by clicking the eye. 

Flow monitor

The flow monitor is available to all proctors by clicking the eye:

The flow monitor contains a list of log information for each participant, and gives the option to add a note for a participant or see detailed information (basic proctor):

As the head proctor you also have access to two other functions:

1. Change the closing time for a participant.
2. Mark if a given participant is present at the exam or not.

How it looks like when changing the deadline for hand in for a single participant 

Mark if the participant is present or not by clicking at  or 


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