How to get started as a Proctor

This is a guide to proctoring with the Proctor role in WISEflow.

Proctor: How to proctor exams in WISEflow 

WISEflow allows users to be assigned the role Proctor. This role allows the user to be added as a proctor to a flow, which gives access to useful features when proctoring an exam.

The Proctor role in WISEflow is split into two kinds: The basic proctor and the head proctor. They are mostly the same, but the head proctor has access to more features concerned with participants of a flow.  

The features of a proctor are all situated under the "Proctor" tab as seen below:

This tab becomes visible after the user gets the role as a Proctor by a License Administrator. When you enter the Proctor page you are met by the Flow Overview. Here you see two lists:

1) Active flows, which are flows that are running today

2) Future flows, which are future flows that you are a proctor on.

The list of Active flows changes depending on whether you are a basic proctor or a head proctor. All flows that are to start on the given day will be shown here.

As a proctor all active flows will have the following features:

  1. Participation start time, when the flow starts.
  2. Main finish up deadline.
  3. Participation password.
  4. Proctor password.
  5. Access to the FLOWmonitor of the flow.
  6. Preview of the assignment. 

The proctor can always see the participation password but can also show the participation password using the eye. This can be used to show it to the participants before starting the exam, by putting it on a big screen.

The proctor password is by default hidden but can be shown and hidden again by clicking the Show button.


When the assignment becomes available it can be previewed from here


The FLOWmonitor is also available to the proctor from the overview page. It can be shown by clicking the Show button by the flowmonitor.

This will open the monitor as seen below

Basic proctor

The basic proctor sees the FLOWmonitor like this:


The basic proctor will have access to all the information, usually included with the FLOWmonitor, but also has the ability to add comments (using the comment button: ) to individual participants, which can be seen by managers and other proctors alike. Furthermore, a basic proctor has access to the log ().  

Head proctor

The head proctor sees the FLOWmonitor like this

The head proctor, as with the basic proctor, has access to all the normal information provided by the flowmonitor and can also see and add comments to each individual participant. Additionally the head proctor can:

  1. Extend individual deadlines of participants 
  2. See detailed log information on each participant 
  3. Mark participants as present or not present 

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