Participant: General knowledge and tips for using Wiseflow

This is a start up guide for participants.

Flow overview

When having logged in a participant is met by the main page for participants. This page consists of the Flow Overview, which is a list of all the exam flows that the participant has been added to and that the manager og the flow has activated. This includes the demo flow which can be used to get a feel for how a normal exam flow would work. The participant can also access the participant archive, to see old finished exam flows.

Here is an overview of what you see on the Flow overview page:
  1. List of active flows.
  2. Flow title.
  3. Flow type.
  4. Unopened flow
  5. Flow start and end dates.
  6. Flow timeline and current state.
  7. Enter the participant archive, where old archived flows are saved.
  8. Enter the demo flow area.

The demo flow area gives you the possibility of trying out the three most used flow types.

Flows types

5 different types of flows exist; they indicate what kind of exam it will be. You can see the flow type under the title of the flow.

The five types are:
  1. FLOWassign - Used for exams where the participant hand in a PDF according to an assignment 

  2. FLOWlock - Used for on site exams without the use of external aid 

  3. FLOWoral - Used for oral exams 

  4. FLOWhandin - Used for exams where the participant hand any kind of file according to an assignment

  5. FLOWmulti - Used for multiple choice with or without the use of external aid 

Flow state

A flow can be in 4 different states, which can be seen on the timeline beside each flow:

1. Enrolled on flow
The flow has between activated by the manager of the flow, but the participation date has not been reached yet. The participant can access the flow to find information on the flow: Managers, assessors, curriculum, assignment, etc.

2. Open for participation 
This is the most important state for the participant. During this period the participant can upload and hand in the assignment. This period is set between the start and end date, seen beside the flow icon.

3. Closed for participation
The participation period is over and hand ins are assessed.

4. The flow has ended
All hand ins has been assessed and the participant can access the grade, when it is published by the manager of the flow.

How to hand in an exam paper

You enter a particular flow by clicking the flow timeline or title.

This brings you to the flow page. The page changes depending on what state the flow is in, but here we'll be looking at the "Open for participation" state.
  1. See deadline to hand in the paper.
  2. Preview or download the assignment provided by the flow.
  3. Preview or download the curriculum or additional material.
  4. Upload of paper, fill out cover (more in depth description of these functions below).


1. You upload your paper as a PDF (only one paper is allowed) and upload additional material, which can be of any number of files and any type.

You can download, rename or delete files like so.

2. Fill in the coversheet which has been set up by the manager of the flow. Some fields are required to fill out before you can hand in the paper, these are marked by a star.

You can preview the coversheet afterwards.

3. Hand in by clicking the "Hand in" button. This will be followed by a confirmation that the paper has been handed in. It is also possible to hand in blank. If allowed by the flow manager, then it's possible to withdraw the hand in and upload a new one.

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