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  1. (Resolved) 2015-10-15: FLOWmulti "Check Answers" has been temporarily disabled

  2. (Resolved) 2015-12-16: Internet Explorer sometimes crashes during "Print".

  3. (Resolved) 2016-01-27: Published FLOWmulti activities would be updated when activity is re-published.

  4. (Resolved) 2016-03-03: One FLOWlock-server restarted unintentionally

  5. (Resolved) 2016-03-07: FS web-services have been unavailable

  6. (Resolved) 2016-03-14: WISEflow: long response times for some users

  7. (Resolved) 2016-03-18: Notification services are currently out of order

  8. (Resolved) 2016-03-18: User creation created users on the standard license

  9. (Resolved) 2016-03-30: Problems with the new FLOWoral in Internet Explorer

  10. (Resolved) 2016-03-31: Queue in notifications

  11. (Resolved) 2016-04-06: "BankID på Mobil" from Id-Porten does not work as authentication

  12. (Resolved) 2016-04-06: Flow overview on FLOWmulti and pointbased assessment do not work in some cases

  13. (Resolved) 2016-04-11: FLOWoral "Manage periods" search function out of order

  14. (Resolved) 2016-04-13: WISEflow long response times for some users

  15. (Resolved) 2016-04-18: FLOWlock browser check for secure websockets doesn't complete

  16. (Resolved) 2016-04-20: The Assessor Tool does not work correctly in Internet Explorer

  17. (Resolved) 2016-04-21: Urkund plagiarism reports are currently unavailable

  18. (Resolved) 2016-04-25: WISEflow Integrations platform is unavailable

  19. (Resolved) 2016-04-29: The FLOWlock browser downloaded from the flow dialog is the Windows 7 edition

  20. (Resolved) 2016-05-09: In some cases FLOWoral shows wrong date as today.

  21. (Resolved) 2016-05-09: Some FLOWorals cannot be shown

  22. (Resolved) 2016-05-09: The "print" function in Annotate does not work.

  23. (Resolved) 2016-05-10: WAYF users get an error after login

  24. (Resolved) 2016-05-12: FLOWlock servers were unavailable between 13:20-13:30 CET

  25. (Resolved) 2016-05-23: The compliance test for FLOWlock browser on MAC fails to detect newer version of Flash

  26. (Resolved) 2016-05-24: FLOW monitor shows up to 100.000 log messages

  27. (Resolved) 2016-05-24: On provisional flows, users who are already assessors, can't be added as managers.

  28. (Resolved) 2016-05-27: NemID has registered problems with NemLogin

  29. (Resolved) 2016-05-27: WAYF prompts users with an error message on log-out

  30. (Resolved) 2016-06-02: Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 downloads and interprets WISEflow CSV-files as HTML-files

  31. (Resolved) 2016-06-06: Some activities cannot be published by the Author

  32. (Resolved) 2016-06-09: Exports of assessments to SIS-DK fails when Term is May 2016

  33. (Resolved) 2016-06-28: The Urkund Plagiarism reports are not available at this time

  34. (Resolved) 2016-08-15: The Author module sometimes fails to export and import questions with tags

  35. (Resolved) 2016-08-15: The Author module will sometimes fail to delete questions in the question bank

  36. 05/20-2015 FLOWlock papers are in a queue to be converted to PDF format

  37. 2016-05-12: FLOWlock for windows 10 sometimes fails in taking pictures with integrated webcam

  38. 2016-06-08: Some Urkund reports are currently failed due to Urkund capacity issues

  39. 2017-05-01: Installation of the FLOWlock browser on Mac with an older version of FLOWlock

  40. 2017-09-13: Exit the FLOWlock browser without invigilator password

  41. A flow is not correctly synced with SIS

  42. Accessing a co-assessor's shared annotations and comments for a submission

  43. Accessing assessors comments (Annotations) to your paper

  44. Adding an activity to a flow, where you are designated author

  45. Allow participants to hand-in as a group

  46. Assessing papers from groups

  47. Assessing submissions

  48. Delete users from WISEflow

  49. Download papers for offline assessment

  50. Draw and how to use it

  51. Error: Dynamic annotations are not supported in WISEflow for PDF uploads

  52. Find the flows where you are designated Proctor

  53. FLOWcombine: How to use it

  54. FLOWhandin: Setup

  55. FLOWlock: Copy/Paste in the FLOWlock browser

  56. FLOWlock: FLOWlock Browser is required

  57. FLOWlock: General guide

  58. FLOWlock: Installation

  59. FLOWlock: Special characters suddenly do not work

  60. FLOWlock: The appropriate program cannot be found

  61. FLOWlock: The FLOWlock-browser stuck at "Initialising - Connecting to WISEflow - Close browser."

  62. FLOWmulti: Assessing and statistic

  63. FLOWmulti: General guide

  64. FLOWmulti: Setup

  65. FLOWoral: Manage periods and hand out of assignment

  66. FLOWoral: Setup

  67. General guide to WISEflow for assessors (VIDEO)

  68. General guide to WISEflow for managers (VIDEO)

  69. Grading papers using the Grading Tool

  70. Grading participants based on automatically evaluated scores

  71. Guide for assigning assessors on a flow (VIDEO)

  72. Guidelines for registering final assessments (VIDEO)

  73. How to add an Author to your flow

  74. How to administrate and use the Content Bank

  75. How to assign a proctor to your flow

  76. How to assign a reviewer to your flow

  77. How to cancel a submitted grade

  78. How to change the standard notifications sent from WISEflow

  79. How to compress a PDF

  80. How to convert a paper to PDF

  81. How to convert an Excel document to a PDF

  82. How to create a flow using a code from Censor-IT

  83. How to create a flow using the FS integration

  84. How to create a flow using the SIS-DK integration

  85. How to create a question

  86. How to create an activity that drawing random questions from the Content Bank

  87. How to create and use an activity in a flow

  88. How to create users

  89. How to find flows that are archived - assessor

  90. How to form a group and submit a group paper

  91. How to get access to Google Analytics for our institution subdomain

  92. How to get started as a Proctor

  93. How to grant access without the use of authentification (WAYF, Feide, NemLogin etc.)

  94. How to log out

  95. How to login

  96. How to open a CSV-file in Excel (PC/MAC)

  97. How to prepare videos that can be played in WISEflow

  98. How to release the final assessment so it is visible for the participant

  99. How to remove a participant from the flow

  100. How to see the participants cover sheet information

  101. How to upload a paper directly from Dropbox

  102. How to withdraw the hand-in for the student, when withdrawal is inhibited on the flow

  103. If you do not receive a notifications from Wiseflow

  104. Including appendices and extra material in a FLOWlock hand in

  105. Integration with SIS - Synchronisation

  106. New support solution

  107. Notifications and how to send an ad-hoc notification

  108. Notifications sent from WISEflow

  109. Participant: General knowledge and tips for using Wiseflow

  110. Plagiarism detection

  111. Possible outage on WISEflow in the timespan 02/27-2015 22:00 CET to 02/28-2015 6:00 CET.

  112. Printing hand-ins

  113. Printing papers with annotations and comments

  114. Problems with login to WISEflow

  115. Question types

  116. Rubrics assessment

  117. Submitting a paper on behalf of a student after the deadline has passed

  118. The maximum number of assessors that can be added to a flow

  119. The statistics module and how to use it

  120. Time frame for adding assessors to a flow

  121. Urkund

  122. Version 1.1.0

  123. Version 1.2.0

  124. Version 1.2.1

  125. Version 1.3.0

  126. Version 1.3.1

  127. Version 1.4.0

  128. Version 1.4.1

  129. Version 1.4.1 (13901)

  130. Version 1.5.0

  131. Version 1.5.1

  132. Version 1.6.0

  133. Version 1.7.0

  134. Version 1.8.0

  135. Version 1.8.1

  136. Version 1.9.0

  137. Version 1.9.1

  138. Version 1.9.2

  139. Version 1.9.3

  140. Version 2.0

  141. Version 2.1.0

  142. Version 2.1.5

  143. Version 2.10.0

  144. Version 2.11.0

  145. Version 2.2.0

  146. Version 2.3.0

  147. Version 2.4.0

  148. Version 2.5.0

  149. Version 2.6.0

  150. Version 2.7.0

  151. Version 2.8.0

  152. Version 2.9.0

  153. Web browsers that work best with WISEflow

  154. When the "Hand in"-button is inaccessible

  155. Where to find general information about a license

  156. Why an excel sheet is not imported correctly

  157. WISEflow Author introduction (Video)

  158. ZIP-files: long load times

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